How do we secure your services for our wedding/event?

Just callemail or use our contact form at any time to inquire about our availability.

We require a completed and signed order form and a non-refundable retainer of 25% to secure our services for your wedding/event date. The retainer fee can be paid by email money transfer or cash. The remainder of the balance is due on/before the wedding/event date.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash or Email Money Transfer.

What happens after my wedding is over?

Once your wedding is over, the sad fact is the only thing you will have to remind you of your wonderful day is the memories, stories, photographs and videos.

Because of the importance to us of helping you cherish those memories, it may take up to 12 weeks for us to edit your wedding films (often quicker).

You will be sent a link to your personal on-line highlight film, and after that, the USBs and/or downloadable links will be produced.  All your footage is backed in several locations including cloud storage and offline backups.

What is a highlight video/film?

A highlight video or film is a type of video that provides a complete overview of the your days day in the about a of 4-8 minute timeframe. The scenes included within the highlight video that will provide you all the best parts of the day(s) in a shorter format for you to enjoy.  Please visit our Vimeo for a variety of highlight videos for your viewing.

What is the full feature video/film?

The full feature video/film is the video that encompasses the day(s) into one video/film. It can be anywhere between 30-45 minutes in length per day. Some clients like to have shorter long features, and others prefer to have 2 hour long full feature. We are flexible and cater to whatever you want like. Just let us know!

What kind of wedding ceremonies have you shot?

Captivate Studios has been fortunate to shoot every kind of ceremony from Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and everything in between.

Do you offer Drone video (aerial/sky view)?

Captivate Studios now offers drone video in Full HD & 4K.  It gives your wedding video an amazing cinematic look shot from hundreds of feet in the air.

What are Next Day Edits (NDEs) and Do you do offer this?

Next Day Edits are short highlights that are about 4-10 minutes in length that are shown during the reception. This highlight includes the wedding ceremony or pre-wedding events, along with morning prep shots, wedding ceremony and photoshoot/park shots. This add-on can be a part of a custom package that requires special quoting depending on your needs! So contact us for more info!

What are Same Day Edits (SDEs) and Do you do offer this?

Same Day Edits are short highlights that are about 3-10 minutes in length are usually shown to the guests so they could be apart of the special day if they weren’t there, also for the Bride and Groom to see one another getting ready the morning of as well! And yes we do Same Day Edits, this add-on can be a part of a custom package that requires special quoting depending on your needs! So contact us for more info!

Do you have female videographer as part of your team?

Yes, our team is comprised of a female videographer who is highly experienced and available to cover your event.  We understand sometimes there are special circumstances whether preference or religious concerns that may require a female videographer.  Just let us know when inquiring about availability.

Will Captivate Studios provide us with our raw footage?

We are happy to provide you with your raw footage. As we film in high definition, the files require large amount of storage memory. Therefore we will need you to provide us with an empty 1TB external hard drive on your wedding day.

Do you use off camera lighting?

We only use lighting when we absolutely need to, we find lighting is only needed during performances, dancing, or sometimes when receptions don’t have spotlights for speeches.  Also depends on the venue and situation but know we are always keeping this in mind when providing coverage for your event.

What type of Cameras do you use?

We shoot with the latest and greatest Canon & Sony cameras.  We closely monitor the industry and technology advances and ensure we have the best tools for the job at hand.

Do you have backup cameras and equipment?

We always carry backup cameras and storage cards, you never know when something can happen!

What are stabilizers and do you use them?

Stabilizers reduce camera motion in your video so that any shaky parts can are eliminated and played back more smoothly.

Yes, we shoot with monopods, tripods and gimbals which help us create those seamless shots. We also use in body stabilization and in lens stabilization as well.

What is your approach for capturing audio?

Audio is a huge part of our gear. We have several recorders which produce only the best quality in audio. We record straight from the DJ, and we also put recorders on the Groom and on the podium during the reception! No worries about audio issues from us ever.

Do we get DVDs or BLURAYS?

All of our clients always get the downloadable files of their wedding films, this is the fastest form of delivery.  However, if you do request DVD or BLURAYS, we can definitely add this into your custom package for you!

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